Reflections on My Daily Blogging Challenge

This post is VERY late. Oops, haha!

Back in February, I decided to challenge myself to daily blogging. So on February 1st, I sat down and put any and all ideas on paper without rhyme or reason and began to organize it into an editorial calendar. After all, I thought, the hardest part about daily content creation is having new ideas daily right?

Turns out it wasn’t as simple as that. I had a ton of ideas! I even had some that would have carried me over into March. I had single posts and series ideas. Luckily for me, I still have these ideas at my disposal and they will all make their way to this space. They just didn’t quite make it for February.

Technically, I didn’t succeed in daily blogging. I got as far penning in all of the titles in my editorial calendar and I published as far as February 22nd. There were days when I wrote I few in a row because I had fallen behind. If the main goal was simply to publish every single day then yes, I totally bombed in the last week of February.

However, just as I began to fall into the depths of despair (lit nerds will know what I’m referring to here!) at my apparent failure, I began to think about the point of this challenge and why I set it in the first place.

In the past, daily blogging seemed to be no problem for me. I was blogging for myself and didn’t care either way if I had a schedule or a plan or even readers. It was a creative outlet and place to save lovely discoveries. I had my own unique voice and it wasn’t stifled by fear. That first blog opened doors for me and I found myself blogging for other people and companies for several years. Blogging seemed like a cinch. But when I sat down to finally write my own blog, I was stuck. Coming up with ideas was not the issue.

I had lost my “voice.” Ghostwriting and blogging for companies are drastically different from personal blogging. My February daily blogging challenge became a means to finding my personal blogging voice. In that sense, it was a success! I discovered that daily blogging is probably not for me, at least not right now.

[I had another insight about the success of this challenge but life just happened – the phone rang, there was a knock on the door, bathroom break, Mr. Boeing started to bug me for a walk – and I lost my train of thought!]

I’ve also realized that I need systems in place in order accomplish everything I want to get done. [I found it!] Doing things in a random order with no plan makes it much more difficult to complete tasks on my to-do list. Systems, I think, will be extremely valuable.

On to the next challenge! [I don’t know what it is yet.]


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