New Old Watercolour Paints

Recently I had the pleasure of adopting a whole stash of art and framing supplies. I’m talking watercolour tubes, rulers, piles of paper and picture mats, frames, brushes, palette knives, easels, drawing boards, inks, pencils… you name it. It was a huge pile that filled the trunk of an SUV!


While to some it may look like a pile of old stuff, I knew there was gold hidden in amid all the bric a brac. One trip to the charity shop and one trip to the garbage room later, I’ve narrowed down my haul to a precious few items.

I haven’t tried everything yet but I finally tested all the tubes of paint. Considering the age of these paints (I mean, just look at some of the branding on those tubes!), quite a few of them were still usable. In fact, look how brilliant these colours are! Even the ones that had dried in the tube are beautiful (paynes grey, hansa yellow and pthalo green) and I think perhaps are my favourites.

I can’t wait to create new things with these paints! Stay tuned for another post in the future featuring new sketchbook paintings made with these “new” old watercolours.

A special thank you to Adrienne for entrusting me with your grandmother’s art materials. Rest assured that these are precious treasures and will be used with a lot of love in my studio!

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  • Adrienne Muscat

    June 8, 2018 at 1:50 PM

    This made my day and brought tears of joy to my eyes.
    Can’t wait to see these put to work.
    Thank you for sharing!


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