If I have learned anything as a creative, it is that you can create anywhere and with any tools. However, a beautiful space, pretty supplies and adventures only boost one’s creativity. Growing up, I was fortunate to travel often and experience the greatest pieces of art in person. My parents inspired my deep love for art, history and the well curated home.

Mercado is a new category in my shop, filled with lovely pieces and items to inspire your creativity. It is a little marketplace of items curated, crafted, and created by an artist for artists. Each item is meant to enhance your creative space in some way, whether it is a ceramic plate to mix your watercolours on, vintage tins to store your paint tubes, silk ribbons to style your photos, or crystals to add sparkle to worktop.

From handcrafted English pottery (to hold your brushes) and ceramic dishes to handmade paints, I have collected or created items, inspired by people, places, smells, sights and sounds of my travels…

Coming soon to the Mercado:

  • Handmade paints
  • Brush holders
  • Photography prints
  • Artists aprons

And so much more!


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