Creative Compendium 19.02.17

Ça en vaut la peine. It’s worth it.” –French Words

I love that Instagram account. Happy Sunday and welcome to this week’s creative compendium. I’ve got a short selection of inspiring articles and favourites that I must share and keep track of here.

Sometimes, when you have so many interests and creative ideas, it can be hard to discern your life’s meaning. At least, I felt this way in the past and on this subject, I recently read this article from Better Humans, Bill Watterson: How to Find Your Life’s Meaning.

Everyone, every illustrator and artist, follows a different path to their definition of success. This Girlboss Found Success by Owning Her Feminine Style.

This may seem childish but I love picture books. I loved them as a kid and then I forgot all about them as I moved on to novels and longer, imaginary adventures. Picture books have made a comeback to my bookshelves, now for their beautiful artwork. Picturebook Makers is one of my favourite blogs that celebrates illustrators from around the world and their creative process.

I wrote about the sublime in yesterday’s post but I didn’t really elaborate too much on Caspar David Friedrich. Click if you are curious!

(Feature image: Wanderer above the Sea of Fog, Caspar David Friedrich)


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