2016: Year of Discovery

I can’t even believe it. It’s January 11: when did that happen?! Incredulity aside, I’ve decided that this is the year of discovery. Looking back on 2015, it was a year of change, not just for myself, but for my whole family. I think my personal phrase of 2015 was, “I’m confused.” Between myself and my family we experienced: losing …

New Look, New Site

Well it has been a long time coming. Iteration after iteration, I have finally found the new look for inesdes.com. One of the most difficult things for a designer, or any creative really, is being satisfied with her own work. After nearly one year since setting up this personal website and blog, I am happy to say it is settling …

Sketchbook Kangaroos

When in Australia, one must sketch kangaroos! When I first went to Australia and caught my first, two-second glimpse of them in the wild as we drove past, I became obsessed with seeing them again. After all, would my trip have been complete without seeing one? Nope.


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