A Color Story + UNUM

Instagram is, hands down, one of my favourite social media platforms. As a creative and a professional picture maker, I imagine it comes as no surprise that it would be. It’s a wonderful tool for providing inspiration or even for marketing. And there is so much inspiration to be found there! Perhaps I’m a little bit addicted but I do enjoy beautiful images and art.

Two apps that I absolutely love and employ before posting anything to my Instagram are A Color Story and UNUM.

A Color Story is hands down my favourite photo editing app these days. I’ve tried out quite a few before I finally found myself always tapping on this app. Of course, it has the usual editing functionalities (cropping, temperature, saturation, contrast, etc, etc, etc.), but I also love the potential to create a new image. I tend to stick to my favourite editing steps and filters, but I love having the option to add light leaks, colour fogs and even adjust the hues so completely as to produce a completely new piece. Its interface is also very easy to navigate and benefits of good app design should not be overlooked!

The other app I am absolutely in love with is UNUM. This app allows me to plan my Instagram feed ahead of time and keep track of useful statistics. There’s more to Instagram stats than it’s follower numbers. As my personal Instagram evolves, I find it increasingly interesting to see which times are best to post and which hashtags are the most effective. If you are using Instagram for business, it makes sense to have it planned ahead of time (why scramble to create content here when you wouldn’t for a blog, for example). I only use the free version and already I find it so useful!
(I am definitely not paid to talk about these apps… but that would be cool! Sup UNUM. Sup Color Story 😎)


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