Painting Paris

Religieuse à la rose. Chou à la crème. Macaron a la fraise. Quai des Tuileries. Maison de la Rose. Patisserie…

There are so many beautiful sounding words in French. I also think they look pretty when they are written out, although I wish the spelling matched the sound a little better! Still, it looks and sounds pretty in each respective way.

Paris itself is quite easily one of the prettiest cities in the world and it has inspired artists over and over again. It’s charms, colours, and flavours capture the creative souls and inspire art in all its forms. And yes, I am aware that I wax-poetic about Paris, which is absolutely a cliche. I’m cool with that; hopefully you are too!

Here are some finished illustrations that were inspired by delicious pastries, charming shops, timeless architecture and the bright pops of green and blue on every street corner…


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