Creative Compendium 12.02.17

Big things often have small beginnings.” -Freelance Wisdom

Welcome back to this week’s creative compendium! I’m planted firmly on the couch as I reflect and write about this past week. (I’m pretty much ready to grow roots here.) I’m going to keep this intro short, inspired as I am by that quote up there. Big things DO come from small beginnings.

Perhaps you’ve heard of Lisa Congdon? Her story is one that really inspires me. I love seeing her success in illustration even though she didn’t start straight out of high school. That is an encouraging thought. I just read her post On Burnout and the Slow Rebuilding. Although I can’t yet relate to that volume of work, I appreciate that she is real about the cons of being a creative professional. It’s good to know all sides of the dream.

In an effort to try something new, I decided to experiment with digital painting. While I missed holding a pencil and paintbrush, I’m actually pretty pleased with the result! Perhaps in time I’ll find the perfect blend between traditional and digital mediums.


Why Unfollowing Will Be the Best Thing You Do for Your Happiness. Another good article to have a read through considering our very digital era where social media can actually contribute to depression and some very real negative emotions.

One of my best friends sent me an article from Brain Pickings recently. Maria Popova reflects about things she’s learned over 10 years of blogging and she makes some excellent points.

Who doesn’t love to hear from great illustrators of our time? I’ve recently been enjoying listening to the live streams from One Fantastic Week. It’s a weekly web show run by self-employed fantasy artists, Pete Mohrbacher and Sam Flegal. I like to listen to their interviews with artist while I work.

Speaking of interviews, I also recommend checking out the blog, Freelance Wisdom. It’s full of inspiring interviews with creatives and their journeys. It’s nice to hear about people’s creative beginnings.


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