Creative Compendium 05.02.17

As I sit next to the window in my castle in the sky (I live really high up and it’s way more fun to imagine living in a floating castle), I’m thinking: what is this Creative Compendium? I’m sure it will evolve and this format may change but for now, it’s a time to reflect back on the week and note moments and things that struck a chord…


I am loving the pattern and designs of William Morris right now. They have a beautiful medieval feel to them. I won’t say much more on that right now. Coming soon to the blog: a master study of him and his work.


Don’t believe everything you think.” Exactly. I’m looking at you inner critic!

Reading + Listening

Currently in my audiobook universe, I’m listening to a childhood favourite by Diana Wynne Jones, ‘Howl’s Moving Castle.’

I also decided to tackle another classic in the old fashioned way. Currently on the nightstand is ‘A Tale of Two Cities.’ I have this thing that if I start a book, no matter how difficult or tedious, I have to finish it! Very rarely do I give up because I refuse to let a book defeat me. It may take weeks (or months if I’m really procrastinating) to finish it, but finish it I will.

Home + Health

I have a very thoughtful mom. She ordered a Himalayan Pink Salt Lamp for my room. It’s wonderful! It gives off a beautiful soft glow and is so beneficial to allergy prone people like me! This article explains why it’s so good to have one in your home.

On another note, I successfully made madeleines! And then I successfully ate over a dozen in a short few days!

People + Life

Reconnecting with people is always an incredible feeling, especially when you realize that even after so many years, you still have so much fun! I got to see an uncle of mine that I would see all the time as a kid. It’s been years and the reunion was filled with laughter and revelations (we had the same theatre professors at university).


Down below the streets are grey with icy packed snow and everything around it is white. The trees, the sidewalks, the parks, the cars are all covered with at least a foot of snow, maybe more. One car is struggling to get out of its parking space and is currently stuck half in, half out. Snow days are wonderful and spectacular. It’s the mess afterwards that’s a little less charming. But Boeing loves the snow!

Time to bundle up and brave the cold!

(Art in feature image by William Morris; Public Domain)


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